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Who is Tin Nyanko?

Sailor Tin Nyanko is my favorite villain from the Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon series. Simply put, she is adorably vicious, and yet it is obvious that there is something redeemable beneath the surface.

In the anime, Nyanko helps convince the animates' leader, Sailor Galaxia, that Sailor Aluminum Siren has failed too many times. Once Siren is gone, Nyanko winds up working with Siren's partner, Sailor Lead Crow. Crow and Nyanko hate one another. Nyanko also manages to kill Crow, leaving herself as the only animate in Galaxia's service. Sailormoon is able to break one of her bracelets and partially heal her, leaving her conflicted. Her fuku becomes half-black and half-white. After that, Galaxia removes her other bracelet and kills her.

In the manga, Sailor Tin Nyanko disguised herself as Suzu Nyanko, an exchange student from Lybia. She befriended Usagi and tried to instill mistrust of the Three Lights in her. Luna and Artemis confronted her; it turns out that Tin Nyanko was also from planet Mau, just like Luna and Artemis. She had killed Sailor Mau, the senshi of their home planet, and become one of Galaxia's minions. She fought with Sailor Moon and Sailor Starfighter, but they were not able to kill her; instead she retreated, injured, to Galaxia, and was killed for her failure.

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