Privacy Policy

What Kind of Data Do We Collect?

All the fanlistings on are part of The Fanlistings Network, which requires that we collect the following data from all members:

You may also supply a Website URL, which is optional. This allows your personal website to be displayed to anyone who visits the fanlisting.

What Is the Data Used For?

The purpose for the collection of this data is to demonstrate to site visitors how any particular fandom has fans worldwide. The data we collect on the join form will be displayed publicly on the list, with the exception of your e-mail address, which you have the option of making private upon joining.

I do not share your email address or other personal information with any third parties with the exception of if ownership of the fanlisting is transfered to another person, in which case they would receive the database file in order to upload the fanlisting to another location. I will not use the email address to contact you in any way unless I have pressing news about the fanlisting, such as:

What Can You Do to Protect Your Data?

At the time of your joining, you are asked to supply a password. I do not have access to this password in any way. You can use this password to login to the fanlisting and update your listing to include a different name, website, or e-mail address, as well as to hide previously public email addresses. If you have lost your password, you can request a new one as long as you still have access to the original email address you used to sign up for the list. If you no longer have access to that email address and wish to update your information, you may e-mail me in order to request an update to your data on the list.

What If You No Longer Wish to Be On the List?

If you would like for your data to be deleted from the fanlisting, simply e-mail me.