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About the song

"Konya wa Hurricane" (trans. "There's a Hurricane Tonight") is the song that Priss and her band, the Replicants, play during the beginning of the first episode of the Bubblegum Crisis OAV. Accompanying the song are alternating shots of Priss and her band performing, and a battle between the AD Police and a rogue boomer. This was the first anime song I ever really obsessed over, and I almost died when I saw there was no fanlisting to it. "Konya wa Hurricane" has a great 80's rock style, crowned by a marvelous vocal performance by Priss's seiyuu, Ohmori Kinuko.

Vocals: Ohmori Kinuko
Music: Suzuki Kisaburou
Arrangement: Nakashima Masao
Lyrics: Aran Tomoko

The layout

The current layout features images captured from the animated sequence in which this song was used.


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