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Welcome to Hope's Peak Academy

Danganronpa is a series of games and light novels developed and published by Spike Chunsoft. The main games in the series are murder-mystery visual novel style games, where you control a student trapped in a deadly killing game hosted by the creepy robotic teddy bear Monokuma. There have also been an anime adaptation of the first game, as well as an upcoming anime, "Danganronpa 3", which has 'future' episodes about the survivors of Danganronpa 1 after the game, as well as 'past' episodes telling the stories of the cast of Danganronpa 2.

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

Makoto Naegi was recently admitted to the prestigious Hope's Peak Academy, where only students with "Ultimate" level talents are admitted. Makoto, however, is an ordinary student, admitted to the school via lottery: the "Ultimate Lucky Student". Makoto wakes up in a classroom, unable to remember anything since he arrived at the school and passed out. He finds that the Academy windows are covered in steel plates, there are video cameras everywhere, and the door has a huge, ominous lock over it. There are fifteen students trapped with him in Hope's Peak Academy. The robotic teddy bear Monokuma appears and declares that he is their headmaster. He tells the students that they can live a peaceful, communal life within the Academy, but can never leave. However, if they want to escape, they have to kill one of the other students, becoming the "Blackened".

At first, the students refuse to participate in the killing game, but soon, Monokuma grows bored, and begins presenting them with motives to encourage them to kill. Once a body has been discovered, the students must work together to discover the identity of the murderer. Monokuma holds a class trial in which the students present evidence and discuss the case. If the "Blackened" is found guilty, only they will be executed. However, if the "Blackened" is found not guilty and gets away with his or her crime, they will be allowed to leave the Academy, and all the other students will be killed.

As the story progresses, the surviving students find out more about their situation and the mastermind behind it, what happened in the school, and why they were trapped there.

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair

Hope's Peak Academy student Hajime Hinata wakes up on the beach of a tropical island with a group of other students. A robotic plush rabbit named Usami claims to be their teacher, and that she is their chaperone on a class trip. However, Monokuma shows up and defeats Usami, recreating her as his 'little sister' Monomi. Similar to the first game, Monokuma again sets the students up in a killing game, promising the "Blackened" the chance to escape the island if they can get away with murder. Hajime and his fellow students have to contend with Monokuma's motives while trying to find out the truth about the island they are being held prisoner on.

Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls

Komaru Naegi, Makoto's little sister, armed with a megaphone-shaped hacking gun, must battle her way through an army of Monokumas, assisted by one of the survivors from the first game. Unlike the visual novel style of the first two games, this is a third-person action-adventure shooter.

Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

A new set of students, trapped in a new school, and another killing game has started. Of course, no one can remember how they got here in the first place. Together, the Ultimate Pianist, Kaede Akamatsu, and the Ultimate Detective, Shuichi Saihara, try to unravel the mystery of how to escape, and the truth of what happened to them.