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About the game

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time is an 2003 action platformer game that puts you into the role of the unnamed Prince, son of the Sultan of Persia. Tricked by an evil Vizier into unleashing the deadly Sands of Time, the Prince and his companion, Princess Farah, must battle through many dangers to re-seal the Sands of Time before the world is destroyed. This game shines with a brilliant story, awesome dialog, and fun fighting and acrobatic moves. The game's story is related to the player as if the Prince is telling the story of what happened to an avid listener, after the adventures are done. The Prince has a wry tongue and a complicated emotional state during the course of the game, driven first by pride in his abilities, then by guilt to fix his costly mistake, and then by a sense of chivalry to protect Farah. Farah is almost always there with a wisecrack or encouraging comment, and isn't too shabby with her bow and arrows either. She and the Prince must work together to get through many of the palace's obstacles, and their teamwork opens up many interesting and fun puzzles to solve. I was so completely blown away by the ending of this game that the first time I finished it, I immediately started playing it again so I could pick out little hints and clues I hadn't picked up on before.

In-depth story synopsis (spoilers)

The game opens with the Prince, along with his father's army, raiding the palace of a Maharajah of India, with the help of the Maharajah's traitorous Vizier. The Vizier opened the gates for the invaders, in exchange for his pick of the treatures from the Maharajah's treasure vault. Chief among these treasures is a giant hourglass which holds the Sands of Time, which the Sultan wants to make a gift of to another King.

The Prince fights his way through the palace and into the Maharajah's treasure room, where he finds an elaborate dagger. After the battle, the Vizier tries to claim this dagger as his reward, but the Sultan tells him no and allows the Prince to keep it.

When they arrive at their destination, the manipulative Vizier tricks the Prince into using his dagger to open the hourglass, thus unleashing the Sands of Time to do unspeakable horrors upon the Palace. The Sands ravage the Palace grounds, turning almost all of its inhabitants into mindless monsters - including the Prince's own father. The only survivors are the Prince, the evil Vizier, and a mysterous young woman who turns out to be Princess Farah, the Maharajah's daughter. What do they have in common? Magical items (the Prince's dagger, the Vizier's staff, and Farah's amulet) that protect them from the effects of the Sands. Farah wants the Prince to give her the dagger, so that she can fix what he has done. The Prince, however, is driven by guilt to fix what he has wrought, and they decide to band together for safety.

As the story progresses, the relationship between the Prince and Farah grows closer and closer. Their mistrust of one another strengthens into a friendship, and eventually, a love that is consummated in a strange sequence in the palace's baths. The endgame takes a brilliant twist that I won't reveal here, but suffice it to say that you finally do find out who the Prince has been telling his story to. The last few moments of the game are incredibly moving, and bring a perfect close to a fun, intelligent, and well-told tale.

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