what are the rules?

Reminder: You must admire my efficient assassination protocol, my fear-inspiring red sheen, and my static-filled, threatening vocabulator. I would be most offended if you mistook me for one of those inferior HK-50 models.

Requirement: You must provide your given name, country, and a valid e-mail address to my meatbag master. She promises not to send e-mails unless this site relocates or changes in some way.

Notification: If you wish your webpage linked from this site, you must add a code or link before submitting your application form. If you do not, my meatbag master may not add your link to the list.

Addendum: If your website contains graphic material that my meatbag master finds offensive, she will not add your link to the list.

Warning: If you link directly to the images from this website, I will be forced to enact assassination protocols on you. If you need a place to host your image, please see this site.